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Erik Skiold (River)

Vocal and plays the Trombone

Born in Toronto Canada 1936

Lives in Copenhagen - since 3 years old

Formed his first Rock'n'Roll Band in mid-50's

His second- 50 years later

Also sings and plays in 3 Big Bands

Doesn't smoke or drink

In good shape - runs 3 times a week, and was a Danish senior Champion on 100 and 200 m sprint, when 54-57 years old.

The Band


From Left to Right:


Peter Voll (Bass)


Kurt Højbjerg (Tenorsax & Rhytmguitar)


Kristoffer Myrhøj (drums)


Jan Sørensen (Lead Guitar)


Henrik Rask Ludvigsen (piano)


Peter Voll

Peter is born in 1946 and works in the IT business. Besides that he plays the bass in two Big Bands, Big Playes a fantastic Bass


Kurt Højbjerg

Kurt is born in 1947  and works as a school teacher. He is a dedicated sax player and leads Farum Big Band. Also leads a small jazz group, the Jazztetten, and he is part of a group playing songs from the sixties. They call themselves Aftermath. He lives in a large villa, where he has established a saxophone workshop as well as a recording studio. Our demo CD was mastered in this studio.


Kristoffer Myrhøj

Kristoffer is born in 1967 and is the youngest in the Band. He likes many different styles like Jazz, Pop, Rock, Funk, and is an ambitious professional drummer. He played in several Big Bands and now prefers smaller groups like the Jazztetten, where he plays together with Kurt, and, of course --- Back To The Roots.

Jan Sørensen

Jan is born in 1962 and works as a machine engineer. His passion for guitar playing brought him into three swing bands. and off cause --Back to the Roots.- He has a unique ability to play in all styles.


Henrik Rask Ludvigsen

Henrik is born in 1945 and is a doctor, as indicated in his name (the danish word rask means healthy). His piano playing is a pleasure to listen to. Besides Back To The Rots he also plays in Farum Big Band. Since 1971 he has also been adviser on the Music publishing firm - Fagot -which is a pioneer concerning schoolsongbooks. They have published the famous songs about Bølle Bob, and the last project is a musical about H.C. Andersen.


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