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Back in the 50's - How it started

- and some history -

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This single was recorded in 1957 in Copenhagen and featured Erik's (a.k.a. River) famous 6-5 Hand Jive. One of the highlights at that time was a TV show from Tivoli in Copenhagen

He was one of the first to start Rock'n'roll in Denmark

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This is young Erik in action on stage

Erik ( River ) made his first appearance as a rock'n'roller on - Bakken - a Danish amusement park north of Copenhagen, where he was discovered by the recording company - Triola - and 6-5 hand jive was recorded. After that he toured Denmark, Sweden and Finland, and also appeared in Finish TV. - but - he had to break off his career much too soon, just when it was about to start.



40 years went by, - working as a Taxi driver- before Erik  ( River) started to sing and play the Trombone again. He was now 60 years old, and he was given the nickname - River - by his sons. - He then started to sing karaoke in Sams bar in town, and soon had his own karaoke show going, while practising his singing and playing. After a few years he was good enough to sing and play in 3 big bands, 2 of them were Big Blue Band where also Peter and Jan  are playing and Farum Big Band, where Kurt and Henrik are playing ( see Profile ). And forgotten was all about Rock'n'Roll, - well almost-

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Then after a session, where he was asked to sing a Rock'n'Roll song, he was then 68 years old, it suddenly struck him, like a lightning. - Back to the roots - and he formed his second Rock'n'Roll band, - 50 years later - and called it, simply, - Back to the Roots.

So, River is, Back to the Roots.

My first Rock 'N' Roll Band 1958






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